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We are experts in the industry and have provided ducted heating and air conditioning installations throughout the Northern Beaches, eastern suburbs and North Shore in Sydney with excellence for over 5 years. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say on our testimonials page.

Is a Ducted Heating and Cooling Air Conditioning System Right for Me?

This type of system is a good option when you want to air condition your whole home. It provides central air conditioning to all rooms and, through a reverse cycle system, can be used for both heating and cooling. Although classed in a different category from split air-con, ducted air conditioning is also a split system as it has both indoor and outdoor components. A ducted heating system can be run with gas or electricity.

If you’d like more information or an assessment of your home, Platinum Air Conditioning services areas all over the eastern suburbs, North Shore, and Northern Beaches.


Installation of Your Ducted Air Conditioning System

A central air-con unit is installed inside the property, usually in either the ceiling or under the floor.

A compressor, which is situated outside the house, powers the system and delivers a cooling agent to the indoor unit. Refrigerant, electricity and supply and return air pipes run between the outside compressor and the internal air-con unit. Ductwork carries air to each room in the house and vents in each room distribute the ducted air. The system is not as visible as split air conditioning, as only the grills connected to the vents can be seen.

A ducted AC system can be installed in both new and existing homes, providing the property has enough roof, floor or ceiling space for the ducts. It is both flexible and economical as up to 6 separate zones in the home can be controlled from either a single control panel, or from separate remote controls.

The system provides an even distribution of air, reducing the chances of hot or cold spots, and different climates can be set for different rooms giving you complete temperature control for every room in your home. It is not advised you attempt a DIY installation.

Platinum can come to you from our location in the Northern Beaches to perform a ducted air conditioning system installation in both new and existing homes. It is both flexible and economical as up to 6 separate zones in the home can be controlled from either a single control panel, or from separate remote controls.


Get A Quiet and Hygienic Ducted Air Conditioning Unit Today

Ducted air-conditioning systems are one of the quietest and most hygienic heating and cooling systems as all noise-making components are situated outside, under the floor or in the ceiling, and the return air vents contain washable filters that remove dust and dirt particles. There are a variety of ducted systems available for every size and style of home.

We provide quality ducted air conditioning services from our base in the Northern Beaches to many other suburbs. Organise an installation with us by contacting us online or calling 0423 065 131 today.