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We can tailor any split systems solution for your home or office including:

  • Installation of split system air conditioning
  • Ordering and Delivery of Spare Parts
  • Servicing | Repair | Maintenance
  • Installation

We supply and service top brands including:

  • Fujitsu
  • Panasonic
  • Mitsubishi …and many more

We are experts in the split systems industry, and have served the Greater Sydney and Northern Beaches with excellence for over 5 years. Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say on our testimonials page.

Is a Split System Right for Me?


A split system air conditioner is a good option for heating or cooling one or two rooms.

How it works

The split air conditioner is made up of two parts; the outdoor unit, known as the condenser and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit, which houses the compressor, condenser and expansion valve, is fitted outside the room either on the ground or attached to the wall with brackets. The indoor unit, which houses the cooling coil and the cooling fan, sits inside the room.

When installing the units, the indoor unit is positioned a chosen area of the room and the outdoor unit is then placed as close as possible onto the backing of the same wall. If this is not possible, there are options available to locate the outdoor unit in a practicable position elsewhere.
There are numerous types of split system air conditioners, the most common being:

Reverse Cycle:

This is a popular and economical type of system, as it provides both heating and refrigerative cooling.

Reverse cycle air conditioning extracts heat from the air outside and transfers it inside by pumping a refrigerant through the compressor into the condenser and releasing its heat into the room. When the flow of the refrigerant is reversed, a cooling effect is produced instead.

Inverter and Non-Inverter:

An inverter ac system varies the speed of the compressor so that precise heating or cooling power is delivered as required. Some units will run at a slightly higher capacity for a set time to bring down the temperature of a hot room. When the desired temperature is reached the capacity is then reduced to maintain that temperature, minimizing temperature fluctuation and saving power.
The non-inverter air conditioning system delivers a fixed amount of power at a single speed, meaning the compressor has to stop and start regularly to maintain the desired room temperature. Because the system runs at a fixed speed, the full capacity of the compressor is use when switched on, causing electrical consumption to be higher.

Other types of systems include cooling only and humidifying.

Installation and Maintenance

The easy installation of split aircon units means less disruption within the place of installation. They are also easy to maintain, with washable filters and require only periodical cleaning. The outdoor units are designed for easy access when maintenance is required. Both the indoor and outdoor units are designed to operate quietly, limiting noise disruption and making them suitable option for quiet areas such as libraries, classrooms and bedrooms.
Platinum AC can install, repair and service all units including multi split systems, including top brands such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and many more in Greater Sydney and Northern Beaches.
Platinum AC; great prices with a service you can trust.

Areas Covered Include Greater Sydney and Northern Beaches.  Click here to see all the areas we service.

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