An inverter air conditioning system gives you the flexibility you need to be comfortable in your home — even during the hottest times of the year — without paying a premium price. An AC that does not have an inverter simply delivers a steady stream of power at a fixed speed with no variation. This means that on those wickedly hot days, your AC system will be working overtime to try to maintain the correct temperature inside your home. Of course, this extra effort requires that your non-inverter AC works longer and harder to reach that temperature which, in turn, increases your energy consumption and costs.
The Inverter AC Difference
An inverter AC, in contrast, is designed to vary the speed of its compressors. This enables the cooling system to deliver the exact amount of cooling power that is needed to maintain the temperature — no more, no less. Because the amount of cooling power needed by an inverter AC cooling system is determined by both the heat in the room as well as the temperature outdoors, the inverter AC is able to detect when the compressor needs to operate at higher speeds and it increases the amount of refrigerant to meet the increased demands on it. At lower temperatures, the compressor will decrease its speed as well as the flow of refrigerant.
Benefits of Inverter Air Conditioning
The fact that inverter air conditioning uses less power and is cheaper to run is evident after knowing how it works. Did you know, though, that you can save 30 to 50 percent on your energy bill by choosing an inverter AC? You also won’t have to worry about fluctuations in the temperature in your home, ensuring that you are comfortable even when the temperatures outside spike upwards. The startup time for the inverter AC is 30 percent quicker than a non-inverter system. All of these efficiencies mean that it takes an inverter AC system less time to reach the temperature that you desire.
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