Air conditioning units can become essential during the sweltering heats experienced by many Newport residential and commercial properties come the summer months. Proper installation by qualified technicians is essential for fast, effective and affordable solutions to provide a comfortable environment for your family, friends, staff, customers, and so on.

Platinum AC have many years of experience in introducing ducted and split system air conditioning units to a range of homes, offices, shops, cafes & restaurants, and so much more. We can lend our expertise to help you determine which would be the best solution to your particular requirements.

It is also important to remember that, after installation, a regular service is crucial to keep electricity costs down and maintain a valid warranty, should any design faults take effect. So, if you ever hear unnatural noises coming from your unit, or are having trouble adjusting the temperature, our team of dedicated technicians are always available for help with maintenance.

For more, contact Platinum AC today by calling 0423 065 131.

How Platinum AC Stands Out with Premier Installation & Service

The team at Platinum AC understand that there isn’t a handy one solution that fits all problems when it comes to proper installation and service of your ducted or split system air-conditioning unit. We therefore endeavour to keep our services as flexible as possible, working around your unique needs and requirements to deliver the best outcome for your Newport property. We are able to do this by adopting only the latest in technological advances and efficiency processes, leaving you with a quick, cost-effective delivery that will stand the test of time. Should you wish to upgrade your system, we can even offer some recommendations on how to improve a ducted or split system unit, such as with wireless and smart phone remote control.

Get in Touch with Our Experienced Technicians

Our expert and friendly team of technicians can help you no matter what you’re looking for – whether you’re in need of installation or service for your ducted or split system air conditioning unit. Just contact our knowledgeable team at Platinum AC today, and we’ll take the time to discuss your specific requirements and find the perfect option for you, no matter where you’re located in New Port, the Northern Beaches, North Shore, Avalon, or Eastern Suburbs and surrounds. Call 0423 065 131 or fill in our online enquiry form found on our contact page.

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